Peaceable has been a steady and reliable partner since their inception. They are dependable, high integrity, and they do what they say. I have known Dave Henry to be that same dependable and high integrity person for many years.

Bobby Page

Founding Partner


Preferred Equity

938 Unit Self Storage Complex

North Arlington, New Jersey

Preferred Equity

351 Unit Apartment Complex

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Preferred Equity

160-Site RV Resort & Marina plus Additional Expansion

New Orleans, Louisiana

Preferred Equity

123,000 SF Grocery Anchored Shopping Center

Manchester, Pennsylvania

Preferred Equity

287 Unit Apartment Complex

Boulder, Colorado

Preferred Equity

579 Unit Two Property Multifamily Portfolio

New Orleans, Louisiana

Preferred Equity

1,456 Unit Four Property Multifamily Portfolio

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Preferred Equity

62,000 SF Life Science / Flex Building

Suburban Boston, Massachusetts

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